Sell Wood (Holz) pellets. DIN (6 mm., an oak and a beech) EXW 90 eur., Italia: CIF port Rimini, Palermo, Taranto, Gela – 165 euro!

The company “Pellets-Trading” starts the conclusion of contracts of
deliveries on realization of finished goods from a new factory on
manufacture of wood fuel granules – wooden pellets.
The raw material acts from large factory processing wood, homogeneous,
deliveries directly from the manufacturer, all-the-year-round! We Work
directly from the our pellets manufacturer!
Wooden pellets are made on the newest technological lines KAHL (Germany).
The specification of production (pellets):
– Standard DIN, diameter of 6 mm.,
– Structure: wood of firm breeds of a tree – an oak and a beech (~80 %),
coniferous and deciduous (~20 %), without inclusions of a bark. In Russia
only our factory makes pellets from firm grades of wood (an oak and a
beech)!!! Ashes of 0,5 %. Humidity of 7,68 %. Warmth of combustion on dry
base 4756 Kcal\kg.
Volume of manufacture: 1000-1200 tones per month, is planned increase – 2400
tones per month (in the end of 2008 year). Wooden pellets lines – KAHL
Certification of production: the certificate from IncoLab, carrying out of additional certified laboratory analyses is
possible. Also, we can send you samples of our production for the analysis.
Packing: Big-Bag 750-850 kg.
Conditions of delivery: (discussed!!!), example, ex-work factory EXW (INCOTERMS
2000) – 90 euros for ton from city Maykop, republic Adygea (Russian
1. Motor(avto) transport,
2. Railway transportation,
3. Ship parties, for example, port Yeisk (Black Sea).
4. Italia: CIF port Rimini, Palermo, Taranto, Gela – 165 euro!
P.S.: the prices and conditions of delivery are discussed in reasonable
Yours faithfully,
Administration of
Russian Federation, 603000, Nizhny Novgorod, Rozhdestvenskay street, 22 E
Ph.\ fax +7 831 461 81 38 \ 461 81 72
+7 951 909 67 43 (mobile) – project leader Emelina Jeanne Aleksandrovna
(speaking English), Dipl.-Ing.
+7 920 298 00 00 (mobile) – deputy director Boukanov Vasily Aleksandrovich,
Skype: pellets_trading